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Work in the Future Won’t Look Like Work Today

This quote about the future of work from a Ray Williams piece in the Financial Times pretty much sums it up: “No one is going to pay you just to show up.” I’m constantly wondering how school is preparing my kids for a “more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world…run by a generation with new values – and with women increasingly at the controls.”

That’s a far cry from the reality much of classroom instruction is built on.

And if you want to get a nice summary of the future shifts dealing with work that we all need to get our brains around, try this interview with Lynda Gratton of The London Business School, who says the “hollowing out of work” as technology increasingly replaces jobs is something we all better start paying attention to.

Let us know what you wonder about how we’re preparing our kids for a much different future of work.


  1. Troy Bagwell says:

    I recently visited The Cappital Factory ( in Austin, Tx during SXSWedu and found a workplace like none I have ever scene. It is a community of start ups and if you view their website the top three menu item are Work, Learn and Accelerate. Next time you are in Austin I recommend a visit. We are planning a field trip there with a student video crew and a few teachers.

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