Guiding our kids into their fast-changing futures.

Where Will More of Our Kids End Up Working? In “The Cloud”

Building on what is a growing list of research and reports on the future workplace, Accenture now predicts a serious uptick in the number of companies who will be “relying on global networks of outside contractors, outsourcing partners, vendors, strategic partners and other ‘nontraditional workers’.”Wondering how the current thinking around schools is preparing our children for that reality.

Or, if you really want to go crazy, preparing them for “the end of work as we know it.”

Tell us why you think that’s over the top…or not.


  1. The future changes in the workplace are definitive and near. I have written articles and press releases for companies of which I have never heard and employers whom I have never met. This is obviously only one example, but to further illustrate, my father-in-law repairs hardware and software for computers and laptops, and much of the work he does is with customers worldwide, especially on the software end.

    This is a reality that will only increase as technology grows.

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