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Time to Tinker…and Learn

What if formal schooling was more about playing and tinkering and making rather than studying and memorizing and test taking? That’s the vision our friend Gary Stager is calling for in this piece on the PBS Mindshift blog. Says Stager, we need to ask ourselves is there less we can do and more the kids can do. That means project based learning, work that “pushes up against the resistance of reality.”

Stager also points to Super Awesome Sylvia, who we wrote about here a couple of months ago. (His new book with Sylvia Martinez goes into even more detail.)

How are you getting your kids to tinker more?


  1. Creativity is a necessity. Students need time to tinker, grapple, and ponder what they are learning to develop their imaginations, artistic abilities, and ingenuity. It’s at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy and the key criteria in IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study. Countless other resources, from Ken Robinson’s infamous TED talk on schools killing creativity to Tony Wagner’s book Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, support the idea for raising and not killing the creative spirit. Without it, our kids will have an increasingly difficult time adapting to changes in a fast-paced, growing, complex world.

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