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Here Some Data, There Some Data… All About Our Kids

So the relevant question these days is not whether data gets collected on our kids; like it or not, for good or for evil, we're already there. Instead, the question now is it's who gets to all those intimate details about our kids scores, grades, … [Continue reading]

Got Great SAT Scores? You’ve Probably Got Money, Too.

Is anyone really shocked by this chart from the National Center of Fair and Open Testing that shows in stark detail what many of us have known all along: the richer your family is, the better your scores are. Almost a 400 point … [Continue reading]

What if Every Single Student Has a Laptop?

Interesting to see this week’s story about the 30,000 Nicaraguan students who have just been given laptops under the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program. While this MIT initiative, launched several years ago by Nicholas Negroponte, has now … [Continue reading]

Here Honey…Let Me Do Your Homework For You

So, suppose you decided to do all of the homework that your 13-year-old daughter brought home from school in one week. Think you'd survive? Karl Greenfield almost didn't , putting in close to 3 hours a night on average. It's not a pretty picture, … [Continue reading]

Old Questions are Bad Questions

Ben Orlin in the Atlantic poses an interesting question this week: Does memorization get in the way of learning? (State capitals, periodic tables, and historical dates anyone?) It's a pretty interesting question when you consider that much of the … [Continue reading]

Learn to Code; Create Amazing Things

We're always wondering what would happen if we gave more opportunities for kids to come up with creative solutions to relevant problems instead of just asking them to do problems 1-20 odd in the back of the chapter. Well that's just what 43 students … [Continue reading]

The SAT-Less Admissions Route

As the owner of two teenagers, news about the SAT and college admissions always piques my interest, especially when it seems big change is underfoot. This week, it's a Bard College, where President Leon Botstein declared the current system of … [Continue reading]

Should Your Kids’ School Experience Really Be the Same as Yours?

Every couple of years it seems someone goes back and revisits what might be the most radical school structure out there: the Sudbury model. Last week Medium magazine introduced the concept this way: "Imagine a school where there are no academic … [Continue reading]

“No Child Left Untableted”

We couldn't think of a better headline to describe this New York Times essay by Boston College professor Carlo Rotella  so we just stole it. It's a long, we think must-read piece on the attempts of media mogul Rupert Murdoch to get tablets into … [Continue reading]

Some Fresh Thinking on Education For Parents

Our good friend Gary Stager posted what we feel is an awesome short list of the types of things we should be thinking about as parents thinking about schools. It's a quick read, but we'd like to highlight a few that especially jumped … [Continue reading]