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Let’s Give Every Student an iPad…and Then Cross Our Fingers

Our friend Audrey Watters made what we think is one of the most important observations regarding the recent iPad rollout and, subsequent rollback in Los Angeles due to student “hacking” (and more) of the devices. In the Atlantic, she writes:

“It’s important to recognize how students do learn with technology. It isn’t simply a matter of a digital version of analog lessons and readings—something implicitly presumed by the Los Angeles’s school system’s plan to ‘limit the tablets, when taken home, to curricular materials from the Pearson corporation, which are already installed.’”

This shouldn’t be rocket science, but we see too many schools and districts giving every child an internet-connected device without having developed a different vision for teaching and learning in the classroom. Using iPads or laptops or smartphones to digitally deliver the traditional curriculum misses the point. Connected technologies give kids a freedom to learn that is powerful and different from the standard classroom, and different from the way most of us learned ourselves.

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What do you think needs to be in place for a 1-1 rollout?


  1. Liutova Marina says:

    I could not agree more. Introduction of technology in the classroom environment is not to be taken lightly. It is a major, a revolutionary change which requires teachers to be trained, curriculum reviewed, assessment procedures reconsidered, and teaching / learning methods redefined. Teaching a digital class is like leading virtual workforce. Going digital is primarily a cultural change: it affects both teachers’ and learners’ assumptions and values, it causes uncertainty, ambiguity, and it takes time to anchor (it may never anchor with some teachers), and it calls for extensive communication coming from educational authorities.

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