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Desperately Seeking Creativity

The New York Times reports that a growing number of colleges and universities are getting more and more interested in the creative sides of potential applicants, asking them “off-kilter questions” designed to gauge more than just what shows up on a transcript. The University of Chicago, for instance, wants to know “What does Play-Dough have to do with Plato?” (We’re working on our answer.)

Student reaction is mixed, with some embracing the opportunity while others would just as soon stick to the more predictable college essay topics. (Not for nothing, but the latter may not fare to well as CEOs in the future according to a recent IBM survey.)

As for us, we wondering how we can help write the questions.

Let us know what creative essay topics you might pose to your kids.


  1. Create a community that is both beautiful/inspiring and functional. Who would live there? Where would it be?

  2. Tell me about yourself- but you can only use one syllable words…

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