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Coming Soon: College Without the Credits

Continuing our last issue’s look at some options for college, the US Dept. of Education is endorsing a new path for universities that gets rid of the credit requirement and, instead, focuses on whether or not students can actually do something with what they’ve learned regardless of where they learned it. This idea of “competency based” learning has a lot of appeal to many. One reason? How about a degree that costs…wait for it…$2,500. Not that there aren’t some details that are still to be worked out, but that’s a pretty good start.  No doubt, this is an early step in opening up new paths that we’ll be watching. And while this current initiative is coming from the US, there is interest in other countries which is sure to catch on. We’ll keep you up to date on that as well.

We’re interested in what you think of this idea.


  1. Great little post. I actually like what the DOE is doing here and will be interested to see how it pans out in the short term. In this new era of education we have to look at the short term impacts more than long because next year we’ll be trying to tackle some entirely new issue. I think the advent of resources like Coursera are fantastic for those that can’t afford to go to a traditional University (which is most of us) and having a component to actually obtain an all important piece of paper (degree) at a reasonable price will help. The problem still remains though that there are more qualified employees in the world than there are higher paying jobs. I truly think to make our kids “future-ready” we need to be teaching them how to create their own “job” and create their own income sources over training them the best we can and hoping that they’ll sneak through the competition to land a job.

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