Guiding our kids into their fast-changing futures.


So what’s the thinking behind our “Raising Modern Learners” newsletter and website?

The short version: 

In some pretty rapid and radical ways, the Web is changing the way we learn, the way we define an education, and the way we think about work, all of which has huge implications for our children. But current conversations around school  ”reform” don’t acknowledge these important shifts. We’re dedicated to helping parents stay abreast of these changes in timely, thought-provoking, concise, and interactive ways, and to help them find ways to advocate for more modern, student-centered change in their schools that reflects the needs of this much different time.

The longer, more complex version: 

We believe that we are living at an historic moment of huge change across institutions and cultures, and that the Web and the technologies that we use to access it are in large part driving those changes. There is no doubt in our minds that today’s children will be immersed in creative and connected technologies throughout their adult learning and work lives.

But we also believe that current thinking about how to best educate our children in traditional schools and systems is fatally outdated. Now living in a networked world, our students have growing and abundant access to teachers and content from around the world, a reality that traditional schooling was not built for. Our children must now be able to self-direct and self-organize their own learning and their own work in much different ways from only two decades ago.

We believe that schools are an important public good in our communities, and we want to see them flourish. But we are also deeply concerned by the efforts of policy makers and businessmen to employ new technologies in schools to deliver the traditional curriculum more efficiently without recognizing the new literacies, skills, and dispositions our children need for success in the modern world.

We believe that to survive, schools must support and nourish our children’s newfound freedom to learn. And, importantly, for that to happen, we need parents who can advocate for meaningful change in schools and policy with a clear context of what modern learning and the modern workplace look like.

That is our underlying goal, to help you as a parent stay abreast of these changes in timely, thought-provoking, concise, and interactive ways.